I'm Sam.

I've been telling stories about the world ever since I got my hands on an 8 millimeter camcorder when I was 12.

Some of the best moments of my life happened at the crossroads of voices and ears in a conversation, where a tense divide turned into a thoughtful understanding.

Making films allows me to start conversations with strangers and learn about the universe from their side of things. I get to explore and study the world around me. 

I love telling human stories.

I love watching and filming people doing the thing they're most passionate about. I enjoy telling stories that speak to the heart of a shared human experience, and the ways in which that experience can shape our understandings of the world and of each other.

Let's grab coffee.

I'm a Des Moines native, but my film projects have taken me all over the world. You can drop me a line on my contact page or connect with me on social media.