Here's something you should know.

An important thing to consider when picking a wedding filmmaker is that we all specialize in filming different styles of weddings. I'm a storyteller by trade, and I like to play the role of the silent observer during weddings. My creativity tends to thrive in natural light, so I love weddings that take place outside or in a place with windows and doors.

I like showing the real emotion of your wedding day - especially the stuff that takes place behind the scenes. I want to get to know you two, and I want to make a film that can transport you back to that day in all it's emotion, tenderness, and hilarity.

If you think we'd jive, hit me up and I'll give you two a quote.

And if you think that my work isn't the right fit for your wedding - that's totally cool. Shoot me a message asking for recommendations (I promise I won't be offended), and I'll send you a list of my favorite wedding filmmakers and photographers near you.